Message From Management

    Torrential waves from thousands of miles lift the sail.

    Born from the reform and opening up of capital market torrent in new epoch, Soochow Securities (HK) bears the mission in mind and marches forward regardless of obstacles and challenges. After three years devotion, we become one of the Chinese  Securities  based in Hong Kong with complete licenses, strong talent team, sustained profitability and robust risk management system.

    In retrospect, our hearts are brimming with an upsurge of emotion. Since its establishment in 2016, Soochow Securities (HK) has always upheld the principle of “loyal in our dealings, sincere in our work, seeking to share and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes”, practiced the sacred missions of the real economy and national strategies of financial services, undertaken the society responsibilities so as to achieve continuous development and new height.

    Looking towards the future, we are filled with passion and excitement. Soochow Securities (HK) will keep pace with the times, continue to develop with its own characteristics, focus on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta, lay out the structure of FinTech (financial technology) and actively embrace emerging industries.

    As the ancient poem goes: from shore to shore it seems wide at high tide, before fair wind a single sail is lifting! We will live up to the responsibilities of overseas state-owned enterprises by striding forward with higher morale and greater enthusiasm, seeking continuous innovation, developing with excellence in order to compose a brilliant chapter on the global stage of capital market.

Chairman    Liu Hui