Asset Management

Asset Management


  • Investment Philosophy

The core asset management allocation of Soochow Securities International Asset Management (SSIAM for short) is based on value investment with flexible use of financial instruments for hedging, combined with analysis of target fundamentals, capital flows, derivative positions, and techniques as trigger point or anchor point for position movements. With expertise and exceptional service, SSIAM is committed to providing professional, diversified, personalized asset management services with good return for our global institutional and individual clients.


  • Investment Team

The investment management team of Soochow Securities International Asset Management upholds the "value investment" concept with fundamental analysis as its core. And the core members of investment team include asset management and investment research experts from Hong Kong and mainland China. With deep understanding of China's national conditions and experience in the operation of international capital markets, relying on the Group's strong research and development capabilities, and with extensive knowledge of the mainland China and Hong Kong investment markets and in-depth research and rich experience in the use and management of various derivatives, SSIAM’s investment team is committed to continuously providing investors with stably value-added investment returns beyond the market averages.



  • Investment products


Relying on its professional asset management team, SSIAM aims to provide discretionary account investment services for global institutional clients and high-end individual investors, including USD bonds, fixed income, Bond Connect, QFII and RQFII, etc. SSIAM dedicates to design personalized wealth management products for investors based on deep understanding of customer's background, investment objectives, financial situation, risk tolerance and liquidity requirements, etc. discretionary account investment can use more flexible and extensive investment strategy. The investment strategy can be formulated and adjusted in accordance with the needs of customers, and the goal is to increase the value of customer assets, and strive for higher returns on customer assets.


The scope of investment includes

  1. Bonds
  2. Stocks
  3. Money Market Fund
  4. Derivatives
  5. structured products